Coco has been practicing yoga for many many years. Her passion and devotion to her practice have enabled her to explore the world & pursue her studies with many teachers in several different traditions and practices. She began in the early 2000’s studying more traditional hatha yoga & Iyengar Yoga in San Francisco. Around the same time she was also exposed to Ashtanga Yoga and completed certifications and studies with teachers like Larry Schultz, Bhavani Maki and Manju Jois.

For the next several years she committed to practice and inquiry toward growth & expansion of Yoga and other somatic & spiritual systems. This allowed her to widen the scope of her practice and knowledge. She traveled and lived in different parts of the US and Canada practicing different styles & traditions of Yoga like Anusara, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga & Power Yoga.

Her practice was continuing to shift and grow when she discovered the Vijnana Yoga Tradition. This system made her feel held, wholly taught, guided and nourished. The 7 vital priciples, the pace of practice, the vast community of devoted practitioners and teachers felt like home. Coco first encountered Vijnana when she moved to Vancouver in 2006. Since then she has studied with various teachers from the Vijnana Tradition, continues to incorporate other traditions and to develop her own methodology & explorations.

After this abundance of time spent practicing and teaching Coco continues to practice, expand and study consistently. She continues to lead classes, workshops, progressives, retreats and teacher trainings.

As a  movement and wellness Practitioner she has obtained certifications in Personal Training, in Thai Yoga Massage & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy. She studied at The Lotus Palm School in Montreal & The Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork Method in Indonesia.

Coco is a passionate mover, creator and bodyworker. Her curiosity and studies in bio mechanics, active lifestyle, wellness & yoga philosophy feed her constant quest for knowledge and make her work holistic and powerful. Integral in her own lifestyle, she is committed to whole living nutrition and one that best allows her to maintain healthy and balanced well-being in body, mind and spirit.

Coco works with clients as a mentor & coach and a holistic consultant with a willingness to help them toward ease and optimal health. Her 5 principles “Feel. Practice. Listen. Breathe. Move.” guide her work and she hopes to usher people toward greater health, growth, insight and freedom in their mind, body and spirit.​ She is a proud member of ANQ and RMQ as a Naturotherapist and Massage Therapist.

With over 15 years of experience, Coco draws upon that experience and knowledge to assist and empower people. She does so by offering them tools that may help them in their practices, their health and toward progress and inspired action. Since no two people are alike, she evaluates and customizes programs for client’s individual needs. She values effort, reflection and natural progression on any path and the daily reminder to “adopt the pace of nature for her secret is patience”.

Coco vows to continue to impart the importance of working the gross and subtle aspects of practice toward evolution and transformation; something she herself continues to unfold & explore daily and is extremely grateful for.

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