Smile Shakti Smile

 August 6, 2017 | C Finaldi

This Sunday Inspiration is inspired by the second Yama, Satya. Truthfulness.

Practicing Truth In thoughts, words & actions is the more basic description of this yama. AND, this Sunday inspiration is also an ode to the divine female energy and power.

In hindu mythology, Adi Para Shakti (or the Goddess, Devi)

IS the Supreme Being.

Her title is interpreted in many ways but usually means “The eternally Limitless Power” .

”Parama” means absolute, “Satya” means the Truth and Shasta ancient texts state that her embodiment IS the absolute truth and that Adi Para Shakti IS the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe.


Here is how the story goes…

“When there was nothing, suddenly a light emerged then that light took the form of Adishakti. She had three eyes, carrying Trishul, shield, mace, bow, arrow, chakra, long sword and one hand as abhaya mudra. She looked here and there but saw nothing. After seeing nothing she took the form of Kushmanda (a bad ass who was seated on a lioness). When she opened her left eye Mahakali was born (the dark mother). When she opened her third eye Mahasaraswati (goddess of knowledge and art) was born and when she opened her right eye Mahalakshmi (goddess of good fortune) was born.

But next comes the best part. The part that actually makes ME smile. And reminds me of why and how smiling is so important and powerful. 

But before Adi Shakti opened her eyes she smiled a bit and from the smile all universes were created.

Can you believe it? WOW.

It used to drive me crazy when people would tell me to slap a smile on my face! Mind you, when you are genuinely smiling, on your own terms, it IS TRUE that it has magical inner and outer powers…

Smiling is an easy way to boost your mood, be healthier, feel better, and be viewed as more trustworthy and a better leader. I kid you not. Each time you smile you generate little feel-good hormones in your brain (neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released). The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and your happiness.

Take a moment to Check in with yourself.

Have you grown and cultivated a serious face most of the time?

When and what makes you smile?

Could you benefit from smiling more in your life?

Now go out there & let yourself be inspired… to smile.

With love,


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