“I am” practice

In 2015, I was invited to a beautiful women’s retreat in West Vancouver. It was a magical moment in time led by two amazing, mindful and accomplished women.. In the company of many other wonderful women who came together to learn, share, grow and BE women together.

I was introduced the the “I am” practice and never looked back as I have been doing this practice ever since.

Let’s look at the meaning of “I am”. It is the 1st person singular present indicative of be. And to be is to exist. It can also be used to describe a position or state and identify, or amplify the subject. Pretty powerful word. Furthermore, :a.m. (from the Latin, ante meridiem) meaning before midday, which is usually when this practice is done.

The I am practice consists of sharing your “I am statement” of the day with a or a group of women via text. We have come to add an “I will” component too at times. This way you manifest this affirmation for the rest of your day, having been witnessed, supported and acknowledged. The other women will reply “Yes you are” and once all of the women have shared there “I am.” and been acknowledged,  we conclude with “and so it is”.

I have periodically collected and saved my I am statements. As yet another wise woman once told me “Look into the past in and as much as it can help you move forward coco”.

So voila. 3 months back, here are 5 of my  most potent  “I am’s”.

In the hope that this MAY inspire you to “be” and share this with your sisters..

I am positive clear and bountiful I practice what I preach. I am magical and wise and I will be a great influence and  force in the community. I live in love.

I am a picture of ease and flow. I am so abundant. I am strength and density in the face of adversity. I will be and am complete love

 I am deliberate, wise and kind. I am reflecting and working in ways that honour my truth and highest intentions I will live in the moment and reality of my deepest most sincere abundance and joy. I am here and ready to give and receive.

I am pure calm and trust. I will be content with what is and work toward bettering the status quo at a sound pace. I will live my truth.

I am taking the time and the rest i need. I am giving  in and giving out with a smile and just going with the flow. My attitude and way will nurture and fill me today.

And so it is.

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