Don’t sweat the small stuff!

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been consistently oscillating between my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system the last, oh say, 5-6 years! Yeah, life happens… moves, separation, divorce, births, deaths, wins, losses, Iphones and over working. I really began to notice it viscerally though. For example; I literally had indigestion and gastro  intestinal ailments after a specific stressor. Almost as though contact with that person simulated if I had a really large and spicy/greasy dinner  (not that this raw foodie would eat that but maybe my version would be some raw rapini doused in lemon and chilies, ouch!) and ate it in 1.5 minutes, the effects and impact of that interaction would just give me dis-ease. Ao a very dear and wise friend of mine suggested and offered to me “The digesting” piece she had started practicing. Essentially, when receiving contact or unpleasant stimuli from this person, I would try to take a breathe and respond with “I am going to need some time to digest that”. Like taking a bite of a way to spicy dish and then putting the fork down and pushing it away to let the burn settle in my mouth. It has made SUCH a difference in my life. Yet again, the delight in recognizing how certain things don’t change but that our response to them can really change the outcome.

So what about not sweating the small stuff? I went to the pool to “wash off” some stress this morning and there was an elderly widowed man (cutest little grandpa with a jersey accent) laying on a chair and reading. I put my stuff down next to him and we started chatting. I told him I needed my swim this morning pretty bad and he offered these wise words, he said:  “Young lady (i loved him, young lady lol), my late wife always told me, Joel, life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff! You hear me?”

As this young lady gets older, as I begin to realize some of the concepts I have been working with in Yoga for 15 years! As I learn to let go and detach, as I walk away from battles or people or situations that just can’t continue to be with me, they get smaller and smaller in the distance. And I, Coco Finaldi, am practicing many things in life; yoga, patience, love, etc. And I have adopted the daily practice of taking time to digest and no longer sweat the small stuff.

So with two new moons this month, I am going with the rituals of past and planting seeds of residing more in my rest and digest nervous system, enjoying life and chilling the f&&*^ out.

Wanted to Share.

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