Yoga Mentorship Program

An interactive one-on-one, individualized Mentorship Program. Designed to inspire practioners and teachers to grow, expand and refine their craft and skills.

The teaching and the practice of Yoga requires:

-self-study & inquiry/earth-water

Yoga also needs nourishment, support and guidance. This mentorship is a project I have slowly grown for years through my personal experience as a practitioner and a teacher of Yoga. With this program, I hope to assist you in growing, supporting and inspiring you on your path.


- Weekly email depicting reflections, goal setting, assignments, journaling, sequencing, reading assignements, etc.
- Attendance to your public class or in my home studio with constructive feedback. (for teachers)
Help with creating, setting and meeting goals. Book recommendations / Philosophy
- Bio Mechanics, Asana, Sequencing, Ethics, Self Care... a plethora of topics covered.-Q&A

Unravel and refine the self week by week by exploring the various tenets & aspects of the practice and teaching of Yoga. Explore aim, goal setting & intention, self and scripture study, sequencing, theming, language and cues, skillful hands on assists, self care, lifestyle, philosophy, balance and sustainability as a yoga teacher and student and more. Create and develop systems & practices to build and keep your being holistically attuned and connected to what you love to practice, breathe and offer.

Committing to such a program holds you accountable as a teacher, student and practitioner and planting such a tree can only result in bearing the sweetest fruit…

The fruits of Yoga mature with Patience and Care ~ D. Swenson