Dana P.

I couldn’t have told you, when I hired Coco Finaldi as a private yoga instructor for my first pregnancy, that we would still be connected today. I’ve now known her both professionally and personally for over a decade now, and I’m grateful for her presence in my life.
She’s taught me how to move, and how to be still, how to give and how to receive. She’s also taught me how to breath and how to trust the inner wisdom of my body. Three pregnancies later, a deep friendship has ensued and she is now amongst my closest group of sisters and confidants.
Coco is wise beyond her years, and she is a life long learner. She’s a diver when she finds something of interest, she doesn’t just learn it, she masters it. There’s no half-ass with Coco.
She’s skilled and disciplined, she is humble and gracious, she’s sunlight on a gloomy, miserable day, and she is a giver beyond measure.