About HLC: Yoga | Bodywork | Self Care

Coco Finaldi
Holistic Bodywork Practitioner + Wellness Coach

Yoga | Bodywork | Self Care

What is Holistic Life Coaching & Naturotherapy?

Holistic is concerned with complete systems, it encompasses both the mind and the body and views humans and their environment as a single system. Naturotherapy designates all natural techniques that work toward homeostasis of the human body through natural agents and in conformity with biological laws.
As a naturotherapist, I have has accumulated many different natural techniques in my training. I offer various modalities for the health & wellness issues of my clients by means of proper physical manoeuvres, support or by lifestyle and dietary advice. I perceive my role as a holistic health educator and inner + outer work mentor.

My approach is to observe and respect the self-healing principals of the human body and to consider the person from a holistic point of view. This encompasses the physical and emotional whole in relation with one's immediate natural and social environment, of which one has the power to design and re-design time and time again.

I support people who wish to move forward and instigate change in themselves and in their lives. By listening attentively and asking questions, I encourage self-reflection and aim to help clients set goals & navigate the transformational process toward them. My programs are crafted with care and my eclectic, dynamic & holistic approach is unique and authentic.


From Asana Posture practice to breath work and meditation, Yoga is a practice, a state and a lifestyle. It spans and weaves its tapestry and wisdom into all aspects and layers of the being. Yoga calms, tones, soothes, strengthens, energizes and makes the body pliable. It helps to focus, widen and calm the mind. In addition, Yoga is a rich and profound philosophy that inspires life, from the inside.


Bodywork is a broad term for many different kinds of therapeutic touch, practices & modalities. It encompasses numerous massage and bodywork methods ranging from very gentle energy work to more dynamic and tangible practices that work the physical, muscle skeletal body & structural Integration.
In alternative medicine, bodywork is any therapeutic or personal development technique that involves working with the human body in a form involving therapeutic somatic manipulations, breath work and energetic work.

Self Care

Self Care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under one’s individual control, deliberate and self-initiated. Self care is learned, purposeful and continuous. It encompasses health & wellness decisions people make for themselves to ensure they remain healthy, balanced, fit and well. In philosophy, Self Care refers to the care and cultivation of Self in a holistic way, involving and focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of Self.