An interactive one-on-one, individualized Coaching Program.

Designed to inspire and help you make meaningful changes in yourself and in your life.
Program/sessions include support and guidance via email, skype/phone + weekly meeting with Coco (depending on program & client needs). Holistic & balanced approach to lifestyle and health (physical & spiritual practices, exercise, yoga, nutrition, health, self-reflection, self love, self care and inquiry). Support, resources and programs designed to help you find renewed energy, courage and inspiration in yourself and in your life. Clarify and hold the highest vision of yourself and live your most irresistible life.

I Am Mine

Holistic Living & Activating Potential

“I am mine before I am ever anyone else’s”

7 session program

I developed the I AM MINE program to support women like you to heal from past wounding, step into your most confident, brilliant self and live a joyful and inspired life.

If you suffer from grief, trauma, loss and stuckness – then this program is for you.

When you work with me, you will get a personalized one-on-one coaching and mentorship program that will transform your life!

You will:

  • Get clarity and direction so you can experience more of what you want, desire and love. Set clear intentions and goals and expand what’s possible for you.
  • Transform feelings of stuckness and despair into creative energy and flow to activate your highest potential.
  • Move through challenging situations. Clear the clutter and remove the blocks standing in the way of your happiness and your flow.
  • Create more space, trust and focus your energy so you are more efficient and successful in your personal and professional life.
  • Plug back into the source and harness your intuition. Learn to trust yourself more and to recognize this guidance to bring in more energy and abundance for yourself.
  • Recognize, express and tend to your unique needs in your life and explore ways to empower your communication so you can be seen, heard and valued.
  • Move beyond self-limiting beliefs and increase your confidence and grow your ability to acknowledge, honour and respect yourself.
  • Recognize the inner critic and self-sabotage. Acquire tools to put a stop to self-judgment and self-loathing and help build self-esteem and cultivate more self-love, self-compassion, self-appreciation and self-recognition.
  • Acquire and deepen self-care practices such as yoga, meditation, journaling, breath work so you can learn to tend, nourish and heal yourself.
  • Feel aligned and empowered. Live and create YOUR life aligned to your unfiltered truth, priorities, and desired feelings.
  • Rediscover your amazingness and learn to celebrate YOURSELF and the miracle of your life every day.
  • Optional Add-ons: Upon completion of the Program Additional Sessions can be purchased in a 3 session package including Text, Email Support Monthly Email and Text support

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