Solstice INspiration

“Solstice” comes from two Latin words: sol (meaning sun) and sistere (to cause to stand still).

Many ancient cultures had spiritual meaning for Winter Solstice. This leads me to believe that humanity has always cared about at least one thing, and that is the rebirth of light.

The time of winter solstice is a laden with esoteric symbols, rituals and gifts us the opportunity yet again for the work of spiritual enlightenment.

This is a potent time to stop and listen. Take this time to harmonise your energy and reassess your connection to your light, your spirit and your life’s purpose. Take some time to look inside yourself and think about what it is that you would like to nourish, cultivate, release and bring in to your life. What stokes and makes your flame flicker? When you shine with vitality and  brightness, you emanate energy that enhances and inspires the lives of others.

It is important to remember that we are all responsible for our own light. If it goes out, others can help in guiding with their light, hand us tools to help re-ignite but you are the sole/soul person able to re-light or keep your light on.

Solstice is a time to engage in things that protect, strengthen your inner light and fire. Get it blazing so you can smell it, feel it, and offer and spread its warmth to those around you.

Use this opportunity to engage in a celebration of hope, peace, abundance and most important, the rebirth of light.

For example, hundreds run naked into the ocean to celebrate the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia. and also in Antarctica. It is a custom to plunge into the coldest waters to welcome the light after the longest night.

What will you be inspired to do to welcome and keep your light glowing?

Warmly and brightly ~ Coco

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